Photography, Cinematography, Music Production
in Monterey County, but available to travel worldwide
Portraits, Music Videos, Film Production
Our team can handle any size production and work with your budget
Weddings, Events, Commercial Work
We do everything from wedding photography and videography to product photography and business commercials


I'm Sean, musician, photographer, and filmmaker. I got my degree in Radio, TV, Film, and Biological Sciences at SJSU and went to work in TV production for shows such as "In Wine Country" "Best of the Bay" and "Breakneck Builds." After gaining experience in all facets of production, I started my own production company and put my passion for photography to use doing every production imaginable.  I put together a team that can do just about anything, and we can scale down to just one person or bring in as many as needed for your project depending on your goal and buget. After a thousand weddings, events, TV commercials, portraits, animal photoshoots, and everything else you can think of, I turned to my other passion - music! I'm a guitar player and singer in a Blues and Rock band, and between all my passions and hobbies I feel like I'm living the life I've always dreamed of. My goal now is to take on projects that are fun and interesting, to capture photos that are timeless and video that is engaging and dramatic. Come talk to me about your project! Whether it's a wedding/engagement shoot or you want to make a music video for your band, our team is ready.

What can we offer you?

Our team has virtually everything you need to do any size production. We have cameras that can do everything from 8k RAW video with movie quality to audio mics and lighting gear (strobes for things like portraits, weddings, etc and continuous lights for video). 

With all my years in the industry, I've got lots of photographers, videographers, lighting specialists, makeup artists, event coordinators and more that I can network with for anything you might need. There really is no project that we can't handle.

Some examples of shoots we do:

Weddings and Events

Family Portrait

Corporate Portraits

Music Videos

Animal Portrait

Narrative Film (short or long form)

Band Photos

Business Commercials (Social media, TV, etc)

Engagement Photos

Live Music Performances

Anything else you can think of!

How Sean came to be known as the Wolfman

I got the nickname years ago when living in a condo building in downtown San Jose. I worked long hours and edited video and photo into the early morning. Nobody would ever see me except when I would come out at night, always with my dog. One day I would be clean shaven and the next time they see me I would have substantial facial hair. The lady at the front desk started joking that I was a werewolf who only came out during the full moon, and the Wolfman name caught on in the building. When I began playing the Blues and jamming with different musicians, they heard the name and it stuck!

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